• October 7, 2016

Creative Disturbance is excited to announce a few upcoming changes to our website: arteca_logo

Creative Disturbance Joins ARTECA  

ARTECA is an online portal that supports the creation and dissemination of scholarly materials exploring the intersection of the arts, sciences and technology. A collaborative effort between the ArtSciLab, the MIT Press and the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST), ARTECA includes an expanding collection of more than 200 books and access to three MIT Press journals. To learn more about ARTECA and join, visit arteca.mit.edu/about.

Creative Disturbance joins the growing list of content in ARTECA.

Boasting more than 300 podcasts to date, Creative Disturbance will be able to reach a broader audience across the globe in its new home.

Creative Disturbance URL Change

Coinciding with the move to ARTECA, our web address will get a minor update. In 2017, we will be available through both creativedisturbance.org and creativedisturbance.mit.edu.

For Our Producers and Guests

After this transition several of our rights forms will be updated, requiring new signatures from our producers and guests. All new content will be published on ARTECA while old content will be filtered in as forms are completed.

Producers and guests who have a podcast in Creative Disturbance will benefit from:

  • Increased publicity for your content
  • Having all podcasts assigned a digital Object identifier (DOI)
  • Beta access to ARTECA

Join Creative Disturbance by creating an account and submit your podcasts. Or, email us at feedback@creativedisturbance.org with questions.