• April 22, 2015

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day, April 22, with podcasts about the place we humans call home. Artists and scientists discuss their projects and endeavors — in various locations, from frozen tundra to blazing desert — and sustainability for our environment.

Here are a few of our podcasts:

art-and-earth-scienceStudents on Ice 2014

Artist Diane Burko, student participant Emily Moore, and scientist Danielle Bianchi report from the Drake Passage after a week ‘on ice’ in Antarctica.

space-art-and-culture-300The Johannesburg Rocket Factory

Artist-activist Marcus Neustetter and astronomer-editor Roger Malina discuss the Rocket Factory project in Johannesburg. The ancient factory is being converted into residential units. Neustetter convinced the developer to creatively transform the project to create a unique residential space that is also connected to the imaginary of the place and its nearby residents.

art-and-earth-scienceDesert Sustainability and Performance Art

Matthew Garcia discusses his desert-based art and ecology initiative DesertArtLAB.  Desert ArtLAB seeks to inform a discourse of place in desert urban landscapes, while challenging desert residents to consider how indigenous desert ecology can inform identity, equality and resilience in our desert communities.

Visit the Earth Day page for a full listing.