• November 30, 2015
We're proud to announce that Creative Disturbance has surpassed 20,000 downloads on our website! We've certainly reached many milestones in the year and a half we've been operating, and we'd like to thank you, our fellow "disturbers", for your continued support. We've documented moments we're particularly proud of in the timeline below. Let us know any moments you're particularly proud of during your time with us by giving us a shout at feedback@creativedisturbance.org.

A Look Back at

Creative Disturbance


  • Creative Disturbance Founded

    A humble project launched from the ArtSciLab at The University of Texas at Dallas.
  • First Podcast

    David Marlett and Michael Naimark published the first podcast to appear on Creative Disturbance, Here Come Immersive Movies.
  • Website Launch

    Our first channels were Cinemersia, Adventures in Crowdfunding, Big Design, New Leonardos & Meta-Life.
  • Among the First

    Not including the launch day channels, Sound + Data was added as one of the first channels to go live on the Creative Disturbance platform.
  • Adding to the Family

    Virtual Africa and Pioneers and Pathbreakers are added to the Creative Disturbance family.
  • 5 Channels

    5 new channels were launched during the month of November. Art & Earth Science, Voices of the Crowd, Indie Game Nation, Big Dreams Big Data and Bold Roast.
  • First Spanish Podcast

    Manuel de Anda Villa and Darío Villarreal brought our first Spanish-language podcast, El Futuro de las Prótesis Robóticas/ The Future of Robotic Prostheses.
  • Successfully Kickstarted

    133 backers pledged $21,511 to keep Creative Disturbance running.
  • Frank Malina

    Dedicated to astronautics, kinetic art and Frank Malina's legacy, Dr. Roger Malina created this channel named after his late father.


  • More Channels

    Space Art & Culture and Audiolats joined the Creative Disturbance family in February.
  • First Feature Day

    International Women's Day was our first feature day and was a huge success.
  • Cellphonia

    Producer of channel Sound + Data, Scot Gresham-Lancaster launches another channel called Cellphonia to showcase his cellphone operas.
  • Noisy People Joins Creative Disturbance

    Creative Disturbance was added as another platform for channel Noisy People to host podcasts. Producer Tim Perkis finds musicians or sound artists to talk about and sample their work.
  • Creative Disturbance on Stitcher

    Another podcast platform to reach our listeners.
  • Earth Day

    A day to celebrate our home. We featured plenty of podcasts that opened discussions about our planet, Earth.
  • 100th Podcast

    We celebrate 100 podcasts.
  • First Nobel Prize Winner

    Nobel laureate Amartya Sen sits down with us to discuss gender and economics.
  • Polyglot Day

    What languages and disciplines are you familiar with? We took this day to feature versatile languages and disciplines around the world.
  • Summer Channels

    Within the Margins and RAMI launched during the summer.
  • 10,000 Podcast Downloads

    We hit 10k downloads.
  • World Youth Skills Day

    On this day we showcased podcasts discussing the importance of having skills as a youth and how they can affect their future.
  • Get Some Rhythm

    The Creative Disturbance sound team launched their own channel Rhythmically Inclined, a channel dedicated to all things related to music and sound.
  • Look Back Day

    We went back in time to showcase some of our favorite podcasts since we launched.
  • New Channels

    Two new channels, Human Impacts Institute and Artisthinktive Iran, launched in October.
  • International Coffee Day

    We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate International Coffee Day than to feature podcasts from our channel, The Bold Roast.
  • ArtCOP21

    Creative Disturbance joins the ArtCOP21 movement to support the climate change conference in Paris.

    Creative Disturbance hits 20k downloads.
  • Podcast Awards

    Creative Disturbance submits to the 12th Annual Podcast Awards for 2016.
  • RAW Conference

    Creative Disturbance and other ArtSciLab projects at UT Dallas will host a panel at the 2016 RAW Conference in March.