• June 30, 2018

Creative Disturbance team is proud to announce Elephants Says, our first Chinese exclusive podcast on Creative Disturbance.

Elephant Says is hosted by Siying Duan, a PhD student researcher of New Media Installation and Comparative Aesthetics at the University of Shanghai. She is also a recipient of our Kickstarter campaign, which is to help international students publish podcasts on Creative Disturbance.

“In Chinese aesthetics, 象(Xiang) is an important concept which basically means an aesthetic object that is both present and absent, which creates an effect that transcends the barrier between viewer and artwork.”

“In order to make these art practices more visible and accessible, in this podcast, Chinese artists who are experimenting with all kinds of interesting media will be invited to the conversion in this channel, to share about their artworks, their feelings and motivations, their working methods, how they react to the contemporary world with these works, how they relating themselves to the tradition, not in the sense of kung fu panda or spring roll, but as natural and at the same time unavoidable as the mode of thinking lurking in the language being spoken everyday, and so on”.
-Siying Duan.

Elephant Says helps promote Creative Disturbance to be a more multilingual platform. We hope to bring more individuals like Siying, to help Creative Disturbance expand as a multilingual podcast platform.

We would also like to recognize ARTECA’s first Chinese-written Leonardo Journal issue. ArtSciLab’s very own Kuo Wei Lee is working in collaboration with MIT Press, Leonardo, and Tsinghua University to help deliver more Chinese-translated Leonardo Journal issues.

The following journal issue can be found here

Kuo Wei Lee is a recently graduated Master of Arts student from University of Texas at Dallas, currently working in the ArtSciLab where Creative Disturbance is operated.

The work of these individuals help highlight multi-international and multilingualism, which is the goal for Creative Disturbance as a podcast platform.
We encourage more individuals to create podcasts in other languages. If you are interested in opening a channel as a producer or If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us at creativedisturbanceproduction@gmail.com.