Won numerous awards since his college years such as Archiprix (1997), Arkitera Young Architect Award (2004), two National Architecture Awards (1998, 2006) and the YEM (The Building Information Centre) Award (2008) Staged his project entitled “homeless home” with artist Cildo Meireles as part of the 8th Istanbul Biennial (2003). He was invited by Oda Projesi to participate in the exhibition project entitled “Yer’ den Mekan’ a” (From Site to Space) as part of the “Collective Creativity” exhibition at Kassel-Kunsthalle Fridericianum (2005). He was the editor of the architectural exhibition entitled “Ev: Bir Yerleşme Müzakeresi” (Home: A Settlement Negotiation) (2006). He was invited to the “masum bir eylem / innocent act” KAHEM Studio (2007) initiated by Pelin Tan and Hou Hanru (10th Istanbul Biennial, 2007).. Dündaralp has edited sections in many national and international publications, and has published numerous projects and articles. A selection of his works has been published in the book entitled “Genç Çizgiler / Young Lines” (2004). He conducted projects and workshops in various schools of architecture, and has contributed to the formation of alternative education environments. He has been a member of national, professional and student competition juries such as the XII. National Architecture Awards and Exhibition (2010). In 2009, he has been assigned as one of three architects who will represent Istanbul by The Architecture Foundation/London for London-Istanbul International Exchange Programme which is supported by Arkitera Architecture Centre and Garanti Gallery also. The programme is finalized with a book called “istanbul para-doxa” where these three architects’ conversations on their design approaches, experiences in Istanbul. He was nominated as one of the participants from 22 countries for ICIF – Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation – “The Challenge of The Time” prize, curated by Stefano Boeri (2010). He was invited to 1st Antalya International Architecture Biennial (2011) to produce as a part of “Experimental Architecture Works”. In addition to the project titled “A Survival Manual for Toki Dwellers”, which was a part of “Adhocracy” exhibition curated by Joseph Grima, he was invited to 1st Istanbul Design Biennial (2012) for an “intervention” in Yona Friedman’s “Haliç Centre” project, which will be performed as a part of the exhibition, and a series of talks organized in cooperation with Columbia University, titled “Promiscuous Encounters”. Since 2005, Dündaralp has been directing the architecture office ddrlp, and researching and developing solution strategies for multilayered architectural problems like the city and the metropolis, and for different architectural scales with his multi-positioned stance within the area of architectural knowledge.