Physics, Education, technological impact consulting, natural sciences


Awdry Miquelin holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the State University of Ponta Grossa (2000) and a Master’s degree in Education from the Federal University of Santa Maria (2003) and a PhD in Scientific and Technological Education from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2009). Currently he is Adjunct Professor IV in the Academic Department of Education of the Federal Technological University of Paraná – Ponta Grossa Campus, professor of the Graduate Program in Science and Technology Teaching (Ponta Grossa Campus) Master’s and Doctorate, Institutional Coordinator of the PIBID project of UTFPR and PPGECT’s PhD Coordinator. He works on projects focused on systemic approach, relations between education, science and technology, science and art and analysis of communicative technological educational systems, with emphasis on science teaching, working on the following topics: technological impact consulting, technology mediation, Higher Education and Basic School, didactics, teaching-learning and dialogic-problem-making education. It deals with the investigation of teaching-learning processes involving: relations between art and natural sciences, philosophy of science and technology, history and philosophy of the natural sciences, art and science, learning theories and educational practices involving natural sciences and ICT.