• March 8, 2015

Creative Disturbance celebrates its first year by celebrating International Women’s Day. From March 8-April 8 we are promoting podcasts that feature women’s voices in various topics of interest to the art, science and technology community. Some of our most popular podcasts include:

Visit the Women’s Day page to hear the talented, powerful and diverse voices. Or join the more than 25 voices and add your own podcast at the Voices of the Crowd channel. 

What is Creative Disturbance? 

Creative Disturbance is an international, multi-lingual, online platform that (once complete) will provide a unique virtual environment for the intellectually curious across the globe to meet, network, collaborate, create and socialize.

One means of both sharing and spurring such interactions is through a dynamic collection of podcasts that are crowdsourced and produced by Creative Disturbance members.

These conversations help illuminate and inform others on matters of interest across the Creative Disturbance community.