• July 31, 2018

Beginning of the summer, Creative Disturbance started a reconstruction project to improve your experience on our website!

Our team have been working with students and fellow ArtSciLab members on this project throughout the summer. Gradual changes will be made throughout the 2018-2019 school year and we are excited to hear your feedback and concerns through the process.


As mentioned in the previous blog, here are some of the problems/concerns we want to address in the reconstruction of our website

  • Improved Login system on Creative Disturbance
  • Improved publishing feature for our producers
  • Improved navigation system for our podcasts
  • Implementing a social aspect to Creative Disturbance (comments section, forums, etc)

Creative Disturbance team is currently prioritizing a front-end redesign of our website. The changes will start to be implemented in the upcoming 2018 Fall semester.


We want to hear more from you!

If you have any feedback, ideals, or concerns regarding anything Creative Disturbance,

please do not hesitate to contact us on creativedisturbanceproduction@gmail.com