• December 14, 2015

Creative Disturbance is proud to announce Nora Abushadi, a student at The American University in Cairo, has been awarded one of the international student grants from our Kickstarter campaign!

Below it a description of her project, Designing a Multi-Sensory Dining Experience:

Our experience of the world involves a number of senses including the five primary ones: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. A multi- sensory dining experience allows one to experience food on another level. It is an experience that excites all the five senses. The research behind this includes how to find new methods to stimulate the senses while actively enjoying the environment whilst eating a meal. The importance of this research will help determine how to deliver a more sensational and consequently a more memorable dining experience.

If a restaurant were to cater to multiple senses, then people’s dining experiences would be more enjoyable. Taking into consideration the latest insights, with a diverse range of fields of research that include experimental psychology, design, neuroscience, and the culinary and sensory sciences, such an experience can be delivered through an ultimate meal, with a fusion of Mediterranean ingredients.


Creative Disturbance Fellows

Nora Abushadi


Nora Abushadi works predominantly creating conceptual design works in a variety of media. She has assisted in two exhibitions at AUC [need full] as a member of the curatorial teams, both in El-Touni: A Design Retrospective and Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. She contributed to the travelling book exhibit with an artist’s book entitled Recto-Verso, which is currently in the United States.

She has previously worked at Rhimal for corporate branding and conceptual identity and at Bonico: Spatial Experience Design, based in Madrid, where she aided in design management, strategic processing, and event management and organisation. She currently is a teaching assistant in the Graphic Design program of the Department of Arts, and occasionally freelances as a website designer and developer for start-ups, while also working on her design, culinary and entrepreneurial ideas.


We look forward to the stimulating discussions Nora will bring to Creative Disturbance!

If you know talented students that you would like to nominate for a Creative Disturbance fellowship, please reach out to us at feedback@creativedisturbance.org.