Hosted by Jason Brogden

The Lynx Academy is a science and mathematics fellowship of high school students, corporate sponsors, mentors, university professors and classical instructors dedicated to coordinating ancient ideas with moderns discoveries. The mascot of lynx was chosen from della Porta’s book “Magia Naturalis”, which had an illustration of the fabled cat on the cover and the words “…with lynx like eyes, examining those things which manifest themselves, so that having observed them, he may zealously use them.” The lynx was reputed to have keen sight (in classical and medieval bestiaries and even able to see through rock and “new walls.”) The academy’s motto, chosen by Cesi: “Take care of small things if you want to obtain the greatest results” (minima cura si maxima vis). Also, the double-meaning of “lynx” and “links” serves as a central desire to connect ancient ideas to modern discoveries in an effort to encourage more integrated thinking across disciplines.