Hosted by Sharath Chandra

At the level of assembly and machination in an era of massive data, our networked machines that span the entire fabric of communication devices and scientific probes process and route information by a mechanism of discernment that involves ‘listening’ to the incoming information signal. As machines listen to our interfaces of touch, mouse clicks, and data entry, it indeed subsumes another primal aspect of listening – “Eavesdropping” – giving rise to many models of unethical listening machines that feed an array of artificially intelligent, self-reflective and self-learning machine listening mechanisms. By humanizing the machine and delving into its acousmatic characteristic of ‘listening’, this podcast series, on one hand, contributes to a historic understanding of scientific & artistic contributions to the sonic practices of machine listening and on the other contributes to a sonic studies discourse that transcends current frameworks in the network cultures’ understanding of AI and Ethics.

CC-BY : Christoph Malin (ESO Photo Ambassador) Source : WikiCommons
Logo edited by Oskar Olsson, photos by Christoph Malin.