• July 7, 2015

Call for podcasts on youth education and training | Begins July 27

Creative Disturbance will celebrate World Youth Skills Day with podcasts from students discussing their research and professionals discussing pivotal moments during youth.

Established in 2014 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Youth Skills Day falls on July 15. We will feature podcasts beginning July 27.

Nominate someone actively pursuing research in science, math, engineering, technology, or the arts.

Kinds of Podcasts to Submit

We are accepting podcasts now through July 20 from:

  • Students doing research in science, math, engineering, technology, or the arts: What do you want to do? Why is it important today? Why should it be important in the future?
  • Professionals discussing pivotal moments in youth that led to their career: How did you  choose your degree? How did your choices change along the way? What skills will future generations need?

Submit a Podcast

Please contact us at feedback@creativedisturbance.org for more information!

Cassini Nazir is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Arts and Technology program at The University of Texas at Dallas where he teaches classes in interaction design.